WASPS Committee 2016-2017


President - Phil Staley

Chair - Gary Gentle

Vice-Chair - Barbara Martin

Secretary - Graham Charles

Treasurer - Gavin Hawkins

Section Secretaries

Athletics - Becky Gingell

Football - Graham Charles, Andy Harris, Sam Holmes

Cricket - David Moss

Cross-Country - Emma Blake

Dance - Natalie Gardner

Gymnastics - Pat Swindells

Hockey - David Moss

Multi-Skills - Rebecca Gingell

Netball - Becky Gingell

Rounders - Graham Charles (Boys), Barbara Martin (Girls), Natalia Gardner (Mixed)

SMILE Events - Helen Bourton

Swimming - Ruth Ingersfield-Lapsley

Tag Rugby - Dawn Jones

Tennis - Rebecca Gingell

Tri-Golf - Rebecca Gingell


Schools who are members of the ConnectEd Partnership are affiliated to WASPS and entitled to take part in WASPS activities.

Non-Wolverhampton schools are welcome to take part in WASPS activities but are required to subscribe via the ConnectEd Partnership. Please email us from the Contact page for further details.