Organiser / Contact : Becky Gingell, OLSC

Heats: TBC

Finals: TBC

Schools will be notified of qualifiers for the finals after the Heats.

There is no requirement for schools to provide names of competitors at this stage, merely an indication of your intention to take part. Entries will open in the spring term.

All medals will be presented at the finals night.

Click here to download a full list of the events and arrangements.

Heat timetables - Aldersley Village

Here are approximate timings:

Track Events

2:00pm Girls 80m
2:15pm Boys 80m
2:30pm Girls 300m
2:40pm Boys 400m
2:55pm Girls 150m
3:10pm Boys 150m
3:25pm Girls Obstacle
3:40pm Boys Obstacle
3:55pm Girls 600m
4:10pm Boys 800m
4:25pm Girls 150m Semi-Finals
4:35pm Boys 150m Semi-Finals
4:45pm Girls 4 x 100m relay
5:10pm Boys 4 x 100m relay

Field Events

2:00pm Y6 Boys High Jump, Y6 Girls Long Jump, Y6 Boys Throwing
3:00pm Y6 Girls High Jump, Y6 Boys Long Jump, Y6 Girls Throwing

Please note: These times are approximate dependent on the number of entries per event. The programme should be completed, however, by 5:30pm. It will be necessary to hold semi-finals for 80m and for relays on Finals Night. Qualifying conditions for all events will be announced on the day.

Entries will open in the new school year


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