Football Section Records:

  • Leagues - Graham Charles - Bilston CE Primary School

  • Boys Cups - Sam Holmes - Fallings Park Primary School

  • Girls Cups - Andy Harris - Bilston CE Primary School

The Boys football section consists of the following competitions.

  • The Leagues - Details of the football league fixtures, rules and deadlines can be downloaded here

  • The 5-a-side (Blakemore) Cup will take place on the 11th and 12th February for qualifiers and 14th February for the final. 1.00pm - 3.00pm for Y5 and 6.

  • Y3-4 competition will be organised later in the year. Schools can enter via the button below.

The Girls football tournament will take place on Wednesday 7th November.

  • This year’s tournament will be 7-a-side.

It is also hoped to hold a year 3 and 4 competition this year. If you are interested in entering please register by clicking the button below and completing the online form.


Boys Football

Enter a Boys League team for 2018-19

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Girls Football

Enter a Girls League team for 2018-2019

Enter a Girls Cup team for 2018-19

Year 3 and 4 Competition

Teams will be placed placed into area-based leagues which run through the Autumn and Spring terms. It is expected most leagues will involve 9 or 10 matches being played. Please do not enter if you feel you will be unable to complete all fixtures. The top teams will then play off in semi finals and a final at Wolves Training Ground to determine the City Champions.

Schools will have until the 20th March to complete all league fixtures and results will need to be returned by the 22nd of March. 
The playoffs will be held the week commencing 25th March 2019.
Failure to return results on time will lead to teams forfeiting a place in the league. 

Rules introduced by the WASPS committee

Teams will be 9-a-side and can contain both boys and girls. Full rules apply including offside.  All teams, both home and away, must be accompanied by a teacher. Matches should be refereed by a member of staff employed by either school (either a teacher or support staff or from another school in the authority as schools have often used the experience of other teachers) or a FA qualified referee, if schools are using a qualified referee from outside the school please make your opposition aware of this.
Parents are encouraged to help coach teams and are appreciated in this role but cannot have full responsibility for the conduct and safety of the children or refereeing.

Matches are to be 20 or 25 minutes each way (unless agreed by both staff in charge because of light conditions or weather)
Matches can only be cancelled by home teams for adverse weather or the condition of the pitch. It is expected that the home member of staff ensures the safety of the players.
Substitutes are roll-on, roll-off and a size 4 football should be used.

If a school fails to play any matches before Christmas then they will be removed from the league.  Please contact me if any problems arise over arranging fixtures. If two schools cannot agree a date then both schools forfeit that match and will receive no points from the fixture.
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